NivensDesign | Why Us
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We are a small, versatile design studio that designs for print and web. We work flexibly with clients to fulfill their design needs. Whether you need to create a brand from scratch, including marketing materials and a beautiful and functional website or whether you are looking for a design refresh – we are confident you will be pleased with the results.

Our philosophy is straightforward –

  • Listen carefully to our clients. Understand what they wish to achieve.
  • Seek realistic and practical solutions.
  • Design creatively.
  • Fulfill expectations in captivating and surprising ways.

Our process is rigorous –

Consultation ➞ Analysis ➞ Research ➞ Design ➞ Production ➞ Review

We are hands-on, and approachable –

We are knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
We provide solutions and bring value to business.


We are always engaged in the image making process. We nurture ideas with personal research, adding to our continued growth as designers and expanding our relevance to our clients. Artist and designer Milton Glaser states this well…

“What I feel fortunate about is that I’m still astonished, that things still amaze me. And I think that that’s the great benefit of being in the arts, where the possibility for learning never disappears, where you basically have to admit you never learn it.”
― Milton Glaser